What is it about wings that girls love? It is the idea of flying? Taking off in flight to get away from it all? Does it have something to more do with angels? Those in the heavens above or the Victoria’s Secret ones in the magazines? Whatever it may be… Give a girl a set of wings and she has the ability to concur the world. What a more fantastic notion to begin a blog with than that?

Version 2

I love this outfit for several reasons. One, who doesn’t enough a great pair of leggings? Leggings are fantastic. They say, “Hey, I’m cute and trendy” but they feel just like slipping into a pair of your favorite yoga pants. Leggings are the best of both worlds and if you rock ’em right, can be an effortless and comfy way of looking fab. I found these in the BP section of Nordstrom and snatched them up in two colors — these photographed (in faded black) and another, olive green. So nice, I bought ’em twice!


Blair Waldorf said it best, “Tights are not pants.” And neither are leggings. Chances are, the fabric is too sheer and lets face it… Nobody needs to be flashing complete strangers when bending over or in the wrong lighting. The best way to rock this look is with a long shirt or tunic. I love the contrast in transparency in this cream Forever 21 blouse. It’s like the perfect cream blouse, with a twist.

Version 2

Shoes Cathy Jean | Leggings Nordstrom | Shirt Forever 21 | Necklace H&M | Sunglasses Ray Ban | Hat Nordstrom



I’m currently in love with the midi skirt look. It’s got an effortless yet polished air to it. I’ve found a few good options with the tight midis but have had a little difficulty in executing the look with its flowy counterpart. My search has found me in skirts that either look a little too “Mormon-mom-chic” or simply too bottom heavy. Perhaps it was the prints I was choosing or maybe it was the weight of the fabric. Whatever it was, it didn’t look good.


I was persistant and eventually my eyes landed on this fabulously pleated midi in the sale rack at Nordstrom. (Always the first place I check!) I stuck with a neutral palatte and paired it with a white Brandy Melville crop top along with black peep toe booties (Forever 21) to make the black on the waist of the skirt pop.


Fun, feminine and flirty.

Dress it Yourself: Pleated Midi | Ribbed Crop Top |